Property Management

For Property Owners

Our services are directed to property owners and tenants.

We know that the objective of owning a property is twofold: produce an attractive continuous income stream and sell it eventually with a profit. Both requires sound professional property management so that the rental income is as high as the market allows and that the quality of house and garden is carefully maintained at a high level so that it remains attractive.

Services for Owners

Managing a property on behalf of the investors and owners consists of two elements. The first is to carefully control the monthly income and expense flows and to make them transparent by a first class reporting system, based on annual planning, weekly accounting, fast monthly closing, and regular forecast updates. We make a monthly profit distribution, after taking into account the necessary reserves and accruals for future payment obligations. All this is done through the Internet.

The second is done locally and on site: we market the property to find good tenants, we ensure their checking-in and -out, we are available if they have service and repair requests, and we ensure that the necessary maintenance and repair jobs are done - quickly and in good quality.

Call for action

To receive more detailed information about our services for owners, send us a short message  and tell us about your specific requirements and expectations.

For tenants

Tenants need to know about the availability of properties, the rental terms and conditions, the application process and what to do and to whom to turn to if there are any questions or problems.

Services for Tenants

We offer a fast reaction to your rental application and do the checking-in with you. Once you have moved in and have any question or request for services and repairs, we are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always do our best to find quickly an answer and solution for you. Our Property Service person is specifically in charge of that.

Forms for Tenants

If you want to rent one of our properties PLEASE send us a REQUEST.

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